Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hoffman Family Reunion

We recently had the Hoffman Family Reunion (my Mom's Mom's side) at Ririe Reservoir (near Idaho Falls). Even though we don't know most of the family members that attend, it was a lot of fun to see those that we do know, and get to know those that we don't a little better. The kids had a lot of fun playing with their cousins and seeing their grandparents and other relatives.

It was great seeing Grandpa Dean and Mary!

In front of the Tetons on the way to the reunion.

Kaden preparing for the big splash!

Ready for bed.

We saw this Grizzly on the way home in Yellowstone. It's the first bear I've seen in the park since I was a kid, and was Amy's and the kid's first time to see a bear in the wild.

Here the kids were holding up pictures of our ancestors while Bamma and Aunt Diannie sang a song about them.

At the river near the Idaho Falls temple with Matt, Jaci, and Asher.

Next to the Snake River by Heise Hotsprings.

In the pool at Heise. I love being able to pull kids in front of me while in a swim suit;)

Overall, the scenery at the pool was fantastic!! And NO, that is not me.......yet!!

Korean Guests from Incheon City

A few weeks ago, we had some important guest from Incheon City in South Korea visit to check out our Eleutian operations in Wyoming. We took a week and showed them just about everything that we could up here in the Big Horn Basin area. We had a great time showing them the many appealing things about Northwest Wyoming. We visited Yellowstone, went to the Cody Rodeo, went rafting down the Shoshone River, visited the Buffalo Bill Museum, went to an Indian Pow Wow, went to a real dinasaur dig, and even took them to the "Broken Back Ranch"! They loved it all and it seems that we built solid enough relationships that they really want to do business with us (which was ultimately the whole purpose of all this fun:-)). Mrs. Jeon, the only woman that came, was so impressed that she is planning on moving to Powell this Fall with her 3 kids so that they can experience the things that she did. It was a very successful visit! They even got to spend time with the Governor!

The whole group, including my good friend George Miller!

In Yellowstone with Mr. Mo and Mr. Lee.

At the falls with one of my best Korean friends, SK Kang.

SK with his twin;)

This picture makes me laugh because before Mrs. Jeon visited Wyoming, she made sure to watch Broke Back Mountain so that she would understand Wyoming better. Little did she know.....