Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Indiana Jord

There is nothing Jordan likes better than to dress up as one of his favorite action heroes.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Misc. Pics--2007

These are just a bunch of random pics from 2007. It was a great year.....enjoy!

Tanner on his 6th Birthday

Tanner with one of his many Christmas presants.

Bamma and I took Jord to Disneyland for his 8th birthday and we ran into some pirates!

All ready for church.

Me and a bunch of good looking kids!

Trying out the new driver on Christmas morning.

Papa and I took the boys into the mountains near Arco on the 4-wheelers. Fun day!!

Our beautiful girl!

Kaden with his new terrainiac. He was so excited he was shaking.

Me and Kenly trying to stay warm at Kaden's football game.

Kenly Hannah Montana Moore.

At Lagoon with the Jensen family. The Jensens were some of our first friends we made in Powell, but unfortunately, they moved back to Utah in June. Andy is 6'7" and was the starting center for Weber State University the year they went to the sweet 16.

Kaden qualified to go to the Junior Olympics in Casper last year. He competed in basketball and soccer and got gold medals in each for his age group.

Kaden in his first year playing football. He did great!

All of our kids have really excelled academically here. This is Tanner and Kaden after they received the academic allstar awards for their classes.

It was a big year for Jordan. He turned eight, was baptized, and got to go to Disneyland!!

Jordan celebrating his birthday with Gammy and Papa Steve at his favorite restaurant, Bubbas in Cody.

Jordan in heaven.....surrounded by soft stuffed animals at the Rainforest Cafe.

Jordan with a BIG lego Darth Vader.

Jedi Jord (or Jordi as we call him)!

Jordan receiving his academic allstar award.

Jordan with Stitch at California Adventure. Jordan liked it best when Stitch stuck Jord's pen up his nose:-)

One of Jordan's many immitations of Tiki's at the Tiki Room in Disneyland.

Four generations!

Our family in front of Stewart Falls. Not far from Amy's Dad's cabin in Sundance, UT.

Taken at Chris's house.

At Disneyland in front of the It's a Small World ride.
Another shot at the RainForest Cafe.

Me and Jord in front of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Special Day!

The boys loved looking at/for rocks on our 4-wheeler ride!

Bamma and Jord driving through Toon Town.

Bamma and kids on Christmas morning. I know Mom will be excited to have Christmas morning pictures of her on this blog:-)

Kenly striking a pose on her 12th birthday.

Jordan & Kaden are following in their Mom's footsteps. Both of them won 1st place for their age groups in the Powell Tribune Christmas art contest. Kaden was obviously a little more traditional, and Jordan.....not so much.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Nerd Day

OK....I have to admit that these pictures concern me a little. Jordan and Tanner pull off being nerds waaaay too easily. Kaden, of course, was way too cool to even consider dressing up like a nerd for nerd day. Tanner actually wouldn't have either if Jordan hadn't dressed up. Jordan is our one boy that just has fun and doesn't really care too much about what others will think. He's always great for a good laugh!

Amazing Wildlife!!

This is one of the amazing things about living in Wyoming---having opportunities to see sights like this! On a trip down to Utah, we saw these incredible bucks just as we were leaving Lander, Wyoming. We were in awe!! I had never seen a group of nice bucks like this all together. I was only about 20 yards away from them when I took these pictures.

The pics below were taken recently when I took the boys on a drive outside of Cody up the Southfork. It's a beautiful drive that deadends about 50 miles in. I would guess that we saw more that 500 head of mule deer, and over 100 head of Bighorn Sheep.....and lots of warning signs about Grizzly Bears!

Amy's Trip to Washington DC

Amy's wonderful sister Natalie invited her to visit in Washington DC for a few days, to see the sights, tour the West Wing, go behind the scenes at the Supreme Court, meet Justice Alito, and go to the Barry Manilow concert at the Verizon Center! Amy was ecstatic ---how could she refuse such an offer? So Mike graciously took over the full-time parenting for a few days while Amy shared some priceless sister bonding time with Nat, husband Dave, and nephews Scott, Matthew, and Talmage Moore.

This is the Highest Court in the Land...it's even above the Supreme Court, in a gym upstairs. But it still didn't improve Amy's shot.

Amy with Justice Alito, for whom Natalie's husband Dave is clerking.

You never promised me a Rose Garden, but this one is pretty nice! Great view, too! In this photo are cousin Savanna Burton, who arranged the tour, Amy, and Natalie and Dave Moore and sons Talmage, Scott, and Matthew.

This is the library inside the Supreme Court. (Thanks for the after-hours tour, Dave!)

Aunt Amy and nephew Scott at historic Gadsby's Tavern for lunch in Old Town Alexandria.
We had colonial fare ~ peanut soup and tasty pastries in George Washington and Thomas Jefferson's old hang out.

The Iwo Jima monument is a lot bigger than it looks! (Amy with nephews Scotty and Matthew)

Getting ready to start the West Wing tour, thanks to intern Savanna.