Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fun Saturday!!

We had a really fun Saturday yesterday! Our friends, the Merritts, called and invited us to go to a place called Five Springs that is about an hour drive from Powell with them. It was beautiful!! We all had a great time and now know of a great nearby place to go camping.

Kenly in front of the lower falls.

Amy wondering how she was going to scurry down this long, flat, slick slope.

Me and the kids on a bridge over a really pretty creek.

It was a little bit of a steep and dangerous climb up to the larger upper falls, but it was worth it.

Indiana Jord by the creek.

When we got back from Five Springs, we quickly got ready for an 80's party at one of our neighbor's house. We don't have a lot left from that decade, but we did the best we could. I only wish that I still had some terry cloth shorts and a velour v-neck. Then I would have really been stylin'!

80's Dance pic:-)

Us and our friends, the Cooks. Sweet stache Nate!!

Out with the Old......In with the New!!!

Well, after 14 years of driving the same great truck, we finally decided that the timing was right for an upgrade. I always told myself that I would NEVER buy new, but the incentives were good enough this year that I couldn't resist. I have LOVED my little truck during all the years that I have had it, but with the kids getting bigger, it has become more and more difficult for them to fit. With my new Tundra, we all fit much better. I'm keeping my old truck, and I wouldn't be surprised if it keeps going for many years to come. Here's to the next 10-15 years with my new Tundra!!!

Annual Utah/Lagoon Trip

We recently had our annual trip to Utah for USDF day at Lagoon! It was great to see our family and friends, and of course, go to Lagoon. Until next year.....

Kenly with her best friend, Tawnie, and Tawn's younger sister Sarah.

Me and a really cute girl on the train.

We ran into Mrs. Chris and Mrs. Ann, who taught pre-school to ALL of our kids. They were (and are still) the best teachers ever and we are so grateful that our kids were given such a great start in school. Thank you Mrs. Chris and Mrs. Ann!!!

It was a hot day, so Jordan and Tanner decided to cool off a bit.

Kaden with his cousin Asher watching TV at Matt and Jaci's home.

Kaden happened to mention to Papa Steve that he thought that he could beat him in a race. So, Papa Steve obliged him and (at the age of almost 62) beat Kade in a fair race. I'm sure Papa Steve is still suffering the consequences of that decision:-)

Mrs. Chris, Kaden, and Tanner.

Kaden and Jordan on the skyride.

Heading up the big hill on the old white rollercoaster!

The boys spinning the ball.

Coming out of the our annual last ride of the day....the spookhouse!!

The whole family.

Jordan with Mrs. Ann....wondering if he made the right choice of gifts that Mrs. Ann & Chris let the kids choose from.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

San Diego......Ahhhhhhh!!

Amy and I (yes, JUST Amy and I!! The kids stayed with Bamma and Papa) went to San Diego a couple of weeks ago for a 5 day vacation. It was so much fun!! We went because I had agreed to discounted rate through a time-share place. Of course we had to attend one of their presentations while we were there, but after 3 1/2 hours of sales tactics, we held firm and didn't buy. Who needs a time-share when their parents already have one??? It was so much fun to just hang out on the beach and relax. We really didn't plan anything before we left, we just kind of did whatever we felt like doing. On the day that we went Sea World, we had a bit of excitement(terror actually). We decided to go get a Subway sandwich by Mission Beach before heading into Sea World. We parked, crossed the street, ordered our sandwiches to go, and were walking back to the car across a crosswalk (with big flashing yellow lights for driver to be warned). Amy headed out just a little ahead of me and the car in the first lane of traffic stopped, but when she passed that car and started into the other lane, I noticed that the oncoming car was not even thinking about stopping. I yelled "AMY! AMY! AMY!" and tried to grab her, but there was just no time. The driver slammed on the breaks to late and skidded within inches of Amy, barely missing her. It was close enough that mirror of the girl's car hit Amy in the arm as it skidded past. The young girl rolled down her window and was visibly shaken (not nearly as much as we were), and appologized. We just told her to be more careful and went to our car. We spent the next half hour in the Sea World parking lot with Amy crying and me sitting there thanking Heavenly Father that she was OK. WAY too close of a call! I don't know what I would do without Amy! I'm so grateful that she wasn't hurt, or worse!

Yes, that white whale out there is me....I sure had a blast playing in the ocean though!!

Amy on Mission Beach posing just below the apartment where her sister Jeni and ex-husband Dean used to live (2nd floor just above Amy's head).

Me kick'n back. Not a real warm day, but Amy managed to get badly burned anyway:-0

Us after a session at the San Diego Temple.....BEAUTIFUL!! (not us, the Temple:))

And what would a trip to San Diego be without paying Shamu a visit!

Me at Seaport Village. We ate our first meal in SD here at a restaurant called the Harbor House. The food was great, but the view was even better!

Another shot at Seaport Village.

Our room at the Horton Grand Hotel in the gaslamp district. Neat old place with a lot of character...and some say even ghosts. Wyatt Earp even stayed at this hotel.

My beautiful Amy in the hotel lobby.

After a great meal at Cafe Coyote in Old Town.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blogging Slacker!

So...HOLY MOLY!! It's already been about a month and a half since I last posted anything. Unbelievable!! This Summer has flown by! I probably don't have anyone out there that looks at this anymore, but I'm going to try to catch up.....little by little. Here's a start.....

Kaden, Tanner and I were able to accompany Amy and her Young Women on a float trip down the Shoshone River. The boys froze, but it sure was fun!

Amy and I went to the Sawyer Brown concert at the fair and it was a blast from the past. We went to a Sawyer Brown concert at Utah State when we were dating....and they still sound the same!

Tanner turned 7 and was spoiled as usual.

The Park County Fair came to town and we all had a great time....especially the kids!

Kaden had a fun (and long) minor league baseball season! He made the Powell Allstar team and they had some fun games.