Friday, December 26, 2008

"The Best Christmas Ever!!" least that is what the kids all said. There is a valid reason for that though. After all of the "normal" Christmas presents were open, I went out to the garage and brought in one more little present, one that actually topped all the rest. This one actually made Kaden cry when he saw it, and made all of the kids forget about all the other gifts they least for a little while. Yep, we finally added another member to our family, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy!! There was no question that it was love at first sight for all of the kids, and for Amy and I too:) He is so cute and good natured that it's hard not to like him.....even though he pee's everwhere! We are planning on having him be a mostly outdoor dog, but in this cold weather, we have been keeping him inside. The kids all decided that they liked the name "Kipper", so Kipper he is. We are happy to have him!