Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Disneyland with Tanner

We've had a family tradition of taking each of our kids to Disneyland individually when they turn 8 . Amy took Kenly and I took Kaden & Jordan when each of them turned 8. For Tanner, we decided that we both wanted to go since he is our last. We kept it a surprise, telling all the kids that we were going on a family vacation to Bamma and Papa's for Easter weekend. We had worked it out that my Mom and Dad would watch the older kids while we headed to Disneyland. The morning after arriving at Bamma and Papa's house, we secretly got all of our's and Tanner's luggage in the van, and then casually asked Tanner if he wanted to go to Walmart with us. He said "sure" and hopped in the van with us. We started driving South to Utah, and about 15 minutes into the drive, Tanner said "how far is it to Walmart??" I told him that it was a long ways away so he might as well take a nap. He did that and when he woke up an hour or so later, he exclaimed "we aren't there yet??" So, we told him that we had decided to go pay Uncle James and Aunt Ashley a visit (we had made arrangements to have them take us to the airport:)) He was excited about that, so the surprise stayed in tact:) We arrived at James and Ashley's home, visited for a bit, and then loaded up in their van and headed for the airport. When we got there, Tanner asked why we were at the airport, so we told him that because the weather was bad, we had decided that it would be safer to fly back to Idaho Falls. He has never been on a plane, so he thought that was a GREAT idea! We got checked in and got into the security check line and asked Amy how long she wanted to keep the secret going. We decided to go ahead and let him in on the truth. We asked him "if you could go anywhere on a plane, where would you want to go?" He thought for a few seconds and said "Disneyland!" I kind of laughed and then showed him the tickets and said "these tickets show that we are going from SLC to Orange County." He of course asked where Orange County was, and I told him that it was the same place where Disneyland was! He thought for a few more seconds and looked up and said "are we going to Disneyland???" We told him we were and he got soooo excited that his face turned completely red and then gave us both big hugs. It was a great surprise!! We had a great time and didn't have to deal with any big tantrums or screaming the whole time we were there (like we saw many other moms and dads dealing with in Disneyland).

Above: Tanner in the security line just after we told him where we were going.

Tanner on his first airplane ride.

Mom and Tanner in front of Mickey!

Tanner being trained to be a Jedi! He was a great Youngling:)

Fortunately, he didn't choose to join the Dark Side! He fought off Darth Maul!

Tiki Tanner Amy/Tanner in front of Disney Castle.

Mickey in Dreads! Dad and Tanner on the train.

Dad and Tanner getting ready to get on the Nemo ride.

Tanner & Dad in the Rain Forest Cafe.

The Mad-Tanner!

Tower of Terrooooorrrrrrr!!!

Grizzly Rapids!

Tanner in front of our Hotel.

Captain Jack Tanner!

Space Mountain!!

Tanner made a new friend.

Tanner in front of Big Thunder Mtn.

Heading home!!


thehalvs said...

That looks like so much fun. What a great idea! He'll remember it forever.

Nate and Hilary said...

That is so awesome! Good tradtion... but even cooler that you managed to keep it a surprise for so long!